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Interior Design


Project Name:

Croker Apartments



Los Angeles, CA

Number of Units:


Crocker Apartments

Crocker Apartment project is a 100% affordable mixed-use complex with 175 affordable units (50%, Permanent Supportive Housing) and community and commercial spaces.

The downtown LA site extends between Crocker Street and Towne Avenue with an adjacent alley that links the two streets.

The project is intended to activate and revitalize the existing blighted alley with the addition of ground floor commercial space.

In a welcoming gesture, the V-shaped building form will create two large open spaces directly accessible from the adjacent streets. The seven-story building will accommodate parking in a subterranean garage.

Crocker Apartments

California-native and drought tolerant landscape will be specified throughout.

Multiple open spaces with varying shapes and security levels will be located throughout the project site to encourage community interaction.

A lushly vegetated courtyard will provide a sense of arrival for residents and visitors and will promote a safe, tranquil environment. 

Crocker Apartments
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