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8th  & Parkview

Project Name:

8th and Parkview Mixed-Use Apartments



Los Angeles, CA


Number of Units:


8th & Parkview

 The project is located on the corner of Park View St. and 8th St. and spans almost the entire block to MacArthur Park.


The building schematic architecture is 6 wood stories of apartment units, arranged in a double courtyard scheme (2 main courtyards and 2 mini courtyards for 4 total), sitting on top of an exposed board-formed concrete podium of parking and retail and another semi-subterranean parking level. Project consists of 264 units with a combination of (45) studios, (155)1-bedroom, (63)2-bedroom and (1) 3-bedroom types.


The residential units are accessed from the exterior walkways that surround the open-air courtyards. 5 elevators and one stair core serve the residential stories. All of the units on the exterior facing the streets have balconies. There are two residential lobbies, one on Park View St. and one on 8th St. that provide entry points to the units. The building also has a fitness center, a community room, a leasing office, a work area/business center, and a lounge. 5,700 SF of retail space sits at the Park View / 8th St. corner at ground-level.

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