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The Greystone Mansion, also known as the Doheny Mansion, is a Tudor Revival mansion on a landscaped estate with distinctive formal English gardens, located in Trousdale Estates of Beverly Hills, California, United States.

The construction was completed in 1928.

The house and grounds are often used as locations for film and television shows. The house's descending staircase is one of the most famous sets in Hollywood.



Los Angeles, CA



46,000 SF

Project Owner:

Beverly Hills

Greystone Mansion is a remarkable feat of architecture, and most of its original features have been carefully preserved over the years.

There was also a living room with a balcony where musicians performed at special events, and a kitchen pantry with a secret wall safe that held the family’s silver and gold kitchenware.


Mechanical and Electrical design for Greystone is to provide a 75-ton central chiller for cooling and central boiler for hydronic heating.  

Mechanical engineering and designing services is to focus on low noise equipment for cooling and heating on primary and secondary distribution throughout the building.

The acoustically treated fan coil units are meticulously placed to minimize adding new air registers, access and maintenance platforms.

Since the project is a Historical Building, the existing customized cast brass registers were re-used.

The new HVAC System upgrade project includes the state of the art control DDC (Direct Digital Control) and design of additional electrical service panels at three locations of Greystone Mansion.

Today one may recognize certain scenes from the movies as a number of well-known films have been shot here at Greystone using the stately home and its garden-like grounds as a backdrop.

The grandeur of the setting also makes it a popular venue for weddings and lavish ceremonies attended by many of Hollywood’s elite. Greystone Estate is located at 501 Doheny Road, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

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